choice kitchen and bath remodeling

Whether a buyer, tenant or homeowner, we all want the chance to live in and enjoy updated spaces. It’s not rocket science that the most popular types of residential remodeling involve the kitchen and bathroom. But we want you to know that Intense Remodel is not just about Kitchens and Baths – we also are full service General Contractor.

Lets use the analogy of a dinner; for us Kitchens and Baths would be a main part of the meal, like the Beef, but it isn’t everything! And we really do enjoy “cooking different types of meals” don’t we. We offer other services such as Master bedroom remodels, garage conversions, additions, flooring, and painting, to name a few. We have also remodeled entire homes from the bare studs.


Updating Master Bedroom’s have a varied range. Some of our customers have wanted to turn their Master Bedroom into an en suite by adding a bathroom. Others have converted another room in their home to make a spacious and inviting Master Bedroom. And of course, for some, the project is simply to update the existing space.

Sometimes decorating alone isn’t enough to create that relaxing, inviting Master Bedroom. The flow from where the entrance door is, to closet and bathroom placement are all considerations for the General Contractor. Having control over lighting not only enables you to darken or lighten the space at will but to also change the look and feel of the area entirely. Tailoring the Master to complement the invitation to relax and wind-down is another consideration for a Master Bedroom remodel. Creating a space for reading or conversation or relaxing enhances life in the Master even more.


Fewer people use their garage for their cars. A garage remodel can be a cost effective way of adding to your livable space. If most of the items stored in your garage can be stored in a shed, then a garage conversion could work for you. But it doesn’t have to be all or nothing when it comes to the garage. You can also consider converting a portion of the area while keeping some for storage.

Either way, garage remodel’s need to be constructed just right if it’s to be another livable space that doesn’t look and feel like an add-on – that is where we come in as your General Contractor. Some basic’s entail insulated walls, adding or updating electrical and plumbing, or changing the flooring. More complex would be to add a powder room, create separate spaces for multi-use, relocate entryways and create more natural light by adding more windows.


Some of the more popular additions now are offices, bedrooms, bathrooms and rec rooms. It can also involve guest or mother-in-law suites. The complexity of additions entail matching – matching the exterior finish and color, matching the roof, matching the interior trim work and building in such a way as to make the added space appear as if it was always a part of the house.

Anyone having an addition built should consider the overall look. As a General Contractor, we like to help our customers understand that you don’t really want one beautiful space making the rest of the house appear old or untouched. To blend the two, you don’t have to redo everything, but should redo a few simple things. Painting is one of those simple things you should plan to do house-wide (inside and out if possible) for the most effective. Some other updates that help to blend the old with the new are flooring updates, updating counter’s in kitchens and bathrooms, adding back splashes, and updating light fixtures. After all, this isn’t just kitchens and we are referring to.

Whether it’s remodeling your Master to suite with a day-spa ambiance, or adding a cozy sanctuary that doubles as an office, or re-configuring your spaces to better suit your living – we have it covered! As a full service General Contractor remodeling company, we offer a comprehensive range of services that will help you realize your goals on time and on budget, making your design dreams a reality. We do much more than kitchens and baths! Take a look at the services we specialize in.

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