At the end of a remodeling project, why would you not finish it? Trim work is the finishing touch on any home or office. Trim can make the difference between an average home remodel and an awesome home remodel. Trim is an often-overlooked detail in a home and office. At Intense Remodel, we believe well-crafted and installed trim can make a room. Trim can show mean the difference between a well-design space and one that appears slapped together, even when it’s not. When we work with clients, we recommend trim that matches the current version in the home or the innate style of the home. Styles such as Victorian or Craftsman require trim specific styles.
Most importantly, the finest trim work making the most impact, includes: crown molding, door trim, window trim, stair railings, wainscoting; floor / baseboard trim, trimming around a fireplace or adding a fireplace mantel, cabinetry or appliances. If you want your trim work done right in your Mesa, Gilbert, or Chandler, Arizona home or office, them work with the trim experts at Intense Remodel. Our offices in Mesa, Gilbert, and Chandler, AZ are convenient to any home in Phoenix area.

One of the primary characteristics distinguishing a pretty room from a basic box is the attention to molding and the craftsmanship of the trim work. For instance, plain drywall walls are a standard feature of most homes. Their plainness makes them a blank canvas for much more interesting design ideas achievable with paneling and trim. Wainscoting, or paneling that comes partway up the wall, is an easy way to add architecture to an otherwise ordinary room. In a formal house, large flat panels of wood, either painted or stained, can be dressed up with detailed trim for a sophisticated look. If you’re still looking for more trim guidance, here are some general rules of thumb:

Standard molding – Standard molding comes in sizes 2 or 2 ½ inches wide for door casings and 3 ½ inches tall for base molding.

Crown Molding – Looking for a decorative molding to provide a visual separation between walls and ceiling.? Crown Molding can do the job but is not right for every home or office. Low ceilings are not conducive for crown molding, unless you want the room to feel smaller.

Wainscoting –often used on the lower half of a wall, painted in a different color than the upper wall paint.

Trim is manufactured with many different materials. Material options include: wood, pre-primed finger-jointed, or MDF. The most commonly used in homes are wood or finger-jointed trim. Whereas, MDF is not commonly used due to it being harder to finish and more likely to fail. What is finger-jointed trim? Finger-jointed trim is the combination of small pieces of wood. It is a stable material for trim and is easier to nail and fill for a finished look. MDF is multi-density fiber-board and arrives in long lengths and pre-primed, if needed. It’s harder to nail and fill for a finished aesthetic, but is the most cost-effective option.

Finishing a remodel needs the added touch properly installed trim can provide. If you’re in Mesa, Gilbert, or Chandler, AZ call us today and we can discuss your options.