Is your family growing? Do you need more room in your Arizona home for another reason? If you’re in Mesa, Gilbert, or Chandler, then Intense Remodel is your hometown remodeling expert. Every now and then your home just isn’t big enough, but you love where you live and other things about your house that moving isn’t the right solution. Wala, that’s when a room addition makes a lot of sense. However, adding a room to your house can be a complicated and timely process. With a little expert guidance, you can happily navigate through your home renovation and come out with a dream remodel you love. Room additions are an opportunity to design a space that functions effectively and fits with your lifestyle. They’re also a chance to put your mark on the home to really make it feel like a custom home. Additions to your home goes beyond simply adding square footage. There are a few things to consider.

Authenticity is the first thing to consider. Historic homes may require changes to be presented to a special city board for approval. The biggest thing to remember in historic homes is to preserve the look and feel by creating a room addition that harmonizes with the architecture rather than disrupts it. If you do that board approvals come easy. The next consideration is to make sure the new addition doesn’t look like an addition. The new design must flow and not look like it was an after-thought. Instead, you want a seamless look even though the room addition may have been added decades after the original home was built. This helps with resale value.

Intense Remodel has right solutions and resources to creatively add rooms and the square footage that you desire. We monitor the entire project so that your project isn’t delayed, fined, or issued a stop order, which includes obtaining the necessary permits. Finally, please think ahead. You will need to find somewhere to live during the remodel. Adding a room can be a short-term inconvenience for a life-long significant benefit. While the room addition is being built, things will be out of the ordinary. We recommend going over this with our experts to determine if you want to live in your house during the remodeling work or somewhere else.

There’s no need to leave a home you love with the endless array of possibilities that exist when it comes to expansion ideas. We’ve been successful not only because we employ the most highly skilled experts in the region, but because we truly care about our neighbors throughout the community.

We enjoy having conversations about your home addition aspirations, and we love bringing new ideas to the table that you may not have even considered. From start to finish, we’ll pour every ounce of our expertise, creativity, and caring into completing your home addition. You’ll never feel rushed, or be in the dark.

You can also count on reliable estimates, exceptional craftsmanship, the finest techniques and technology, and a team that will respect your time and your space; which we will treat as though it were our own.

Call Intense Remodel today to start your Mesa, Gilbert, or Chandler, addition!