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Happy Fourth of July!  This is one of our favorite holidays of the year. We love getting the family together, cooking a great big dinner and walking to the park to watch fireworks. We know that most other families have similar rituals with homemade ice cream, sparklers, and plenty of red, white and blue.


This year if you are the one having a party, take a look around your house at the areas that are perfect for entertaining and how your guests are using them. For example, are they having trouble navigating tight areas? Is there a playroom for the children? Is the kitchen capable of handling the extra load? And most importantly is there room to sit outside and enjoy the day?


One area of emphasis we have been seeing is your grilling area. Over the past five years the demand for outdoor kitchens has gone up to the point where they are quickly becoming standard in home remodels.  But why cook outside? Easy it’s fun, relaxing and you can still join the party while grilling.

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Outside  kitchens are not simply meant for the short term. Consider the fact that outdoor renovations return most of their value when you sell your house.


This July Fourth, enjoy yourself and keep a watchful eye. You might have an idea that could transform your home for years to come!